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UK Shipping Suspended

It is with a heavy heart that I must inform our United Kingdom customers that Stevens AeroModel can no longer fill orders for UK delivery, generated at – please read on for our understanding of the matter.

The Issue: As of January 1, 2021 changes have been made to the UK VAT collection system.  UK taxation authorities are now requiring our small business to collect VAT at the point of sale ( and then remit this collection to the UK government.  Failure to do so may open us up to certain liabilities and would also result in UK orders not processing through UK customs to their final destination.

Prior to these changes in VAT collection, our business dealings with customers in the UK remained well below the monetary threshold that would require our participation with the collection of foreign VAT taxes.  And all collection of VAT taxes were (as they should be) the burden of entities within the UK.  Under the new VAT system, these thresholds have been removed and we are being asked to collect and remit taxes (for all purchases of £135 or less) too a foreign government.  Unfortunately, our participation in this new system of collection, creates additional book keeping and liability burdens for our small business, that will outweigh the profit received from orders shipped to the UK.

Possible solution for our UK customers: While we have always sought to, and will continue to – support UK based resellers of our product line, resellers are often highly specialized and do not stock our entire catalog.  Even with UK based resellers in play, there has always been some level of demand, by UK customers, for direct sales.  Therefore, we are exploring changes to our site that would allow orders over £135 to process on our site, while excluding orders under this threshold – that is not a great option but it is on the table. Another option we are investigating, is to make our kit products available on third party online marketplaces that will handle the collection and remittance of VAT on our behalf.  In this scenario, our core line of kit products would be available on vendor sites such as etsy or ebay where collection and remittance of VAT is handled by ebay as part of their fee structure.

We will provide additional details here with resolutions to this problem as they are implemented on our end.  Watch this space for updates.

As always, thank you for your past and future business.  We will find a workable solution for all.


Update 01/13/2021 – We’ve begun populating our core product line into both ebay and etsy.  Links to these marketplace outlets for our products are given below please have some patience as the migration of products will take some time – if there is something you’d like to see posted quickly to these online market places please contact us:

StevensAero on Ebay

StevensAero on Etsy


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Amazon Payments

As of 11:59P PST 01/10/2021 Amazon login and Payment services will be removed from our web our store.  This change to our site does not impact transactions processed with traditional credit card payment methods (including  those funded with your Amazon issued credit card).

Stevens Aeromodel, LLC. continues to accept every major credit card type and PayPal.

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The 2020 end of year “pause”.

Stevens AeroModel will be closed December 20 through January 4.  Well sort of…

Just a friendly reminder of our upcoming end-of-year “pause”.  Our production and support offices will be run at limited capacity 12.20.2020 through 01.04.2020 to allow families to celebrate Christmas and New Years together.  Please note that we will continue to fill any on-line product orders that arrive during this closure, however new production (for custom cutting and models that require additional production time) and phone support will not be conducted during this time.   We will be checking in periodically on our support e-mail and will do our best to answer any concerns or questions that are submitted by e-mail within 2-3 business days.  Phone support and requests for call-back will absolutely not be available until we re-open on January 5th, 2021.

Our family is thankful for your business in 2020 and we look forward to serving you again in 2021 (and beyond)

-The Stevens Family

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2020 Holiday Shipping Guidance

It’s that time of year and many of us are rushing around trying to finalize our on-line Christmas gift purchases.  2020 has been a wild ride and the holiday order crush has been no exception.  The current national/world situation with fears of virus outbreaks, asteroid strikes and general anxiety has ensured that stock is running thin, supply chain shortages abound and shipping snarled.  Despite all of this we are keeping a positive outlook and doing our very best, to fill and ship your orders in a timely manner.  That said, we ask that you kindly take the same positive attitude and extend a bit of grace to our holiday couriers who find themselves buried by the exceptional high 2020 holiday shipping volume.  Consider maybe leaving some cookies out for your carrier rather than Jolly ol’ St. Nick.

This year, USPS is reporting a drop-dead shipping date of December 18th and 19th for First Class and Priority Mail Shipping.  This means you should have your order in to us by December 16th* at the latest for products shipped via “Standard Ground” service.  And while UPS does not disclose a blanket drop-dead date for Ground Services, most destinations will need to have an order in our system no later than December 17th* for holiday delivery by UPS.

*Regardless of the parcel carriers claims, we have already seen an above average number of shipments dispatched in late November and early December both delayed and mis-routed.  Given that knowledge, we think it best to suggest that our holiday shoppers not push their luck and make the following plea: Please do your best to submit your order to us by the close of business on December 15th. That said, we will still work to quickly fill all orders placed between now and our official close of business for the year on December 20, 2020.

Continue reading 2020 Holiday Shipping Guidance

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Why Stevens AeroModel?

A young man prepares to launch a stick-helicopter.
A young man prepares to launch a stick-helicopter.

Aeromodeling is an educational hobby that excites our youth; building confidence, creativity, and life skills. Busy lifestyles and availability of pre-manufactured products have now offset what is arguably the most rewarding aspect of our hobby leaving a generational gap within the community. Time is our most valuable commodity and many would-be hobbyists perceive they do not have the time, skill, or resources available to build from scratch, plan, or conventional kit.

Stevens AeroModel was founded with the passion to inspire a new generation of model builders through increased accessibility to high-quality products that are the gateway to fostering a lifetime of creativity and enjoyment in aeromodeling. With laser-like focus on design, ease-of-assembly, and comprehensive instruction we deliver to the hobby community exciting products that ensure sucess for the novice and time constrained hobbyist.

No mentor? No problem! You can build a Stevens AeroModel kit. BuildIt!™

Made in Colorado U.S.A.