Park BL180 (40W | 2200KV)

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This tiny SA Sport Park BL180 (2200KV) brushless out runner motor is an electron powerhouse! With a peak current 5A or 40W our manufacture recommends a 5×3 prop on 7.4V battery. The Park BL180 shines when powering sport aerobatic models of 3-4oz flying weight. Similar to E-Flite Park 180 with sturdier mounting provisions.

Item Number: SUPA1504-18
40W Max Output at 8.4V | 2.0mm motor shaft | 1.5mm bullet style connectors
Replacement Parts: Bullet Connectors, Shaft

Add a the Brushless Speed Controler

Now is a good time to pick up a speed control. Our SA Sport 10A ESC is compatible with this motor and comes pre-wired for plug-and-play functionality (No Soldering Required!)

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Additional Details

This motor is ideal for many indoor and micro park flyer applications. Suitable for use in 5-6 oz. sport models or aerobatic designs with a flying weight of 3-4 oz. For best all-around performance, our manufacturer recommends a 5 x 3 GWS HD prop on 2 cells.

The motor features a 2.0mm hardened steel shaft, dual ball bearings, and has 1.5mm gold spring male connectors already attached (includes 3 female connectors for your speed control). Now includes collet type prop adapter with integrated radial motor mount.

Max Watts (60s) | 40
Max Current (burst) | 5A
Dimensions (mm) | 18 x 12
Weight (g) | 13
Shaft Size (mm) | 2.0
Motor bolt pattern (mm) | NA
Tri-Mount pattern radius (mm) | 12

We’ve been very successful with the following setups
7.4V 2 Cell LiPo – 4.5×3 APC E Propeller
7.4V 2 Cell LiPo – 5×3 APC E Propeller

Limited Warranty
This product is guaranteed to arrive to you operational, beyond that no additional warranty, guarantee of suitability, offer of service, or replacement is provided. We allow 30 days from the date of purchase for the end user to verify the function of this product and make a warranty claim.


Length (in) | 0.52
Diameter (in) | 0.71
Weight (oz) | 0.32
Shaft Diameter (mm) | 2.0
RPM / V (kv) | 2200
Peak Current (Amps) | 5.0
Power Rating (Watts) | 40
Includes Prop Adapter | Yes
Suggested Propeller | 5×3 GWS HD


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