LiddleGee UM

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Our LiddleGee™ UM is a smooth-flying and highly aerobatic indoor model that is a real pilot pleaser! With nimble handling and a wide flight envelope, the LiddleGee is capable of pulling off convincing aerobatic maneuvers – yet features forgiving handling not common in similarly sized models. Large round loops, rolls, snaps, stall turns, Immelmann turns, split-s, and cuban eights are well within the scope of this easy to fly three channel model.

Beginning builders will appreciate the LiddleGee’s simple assembly, innovative self jigging components, and low parts count. Featuring durable construction, unintended encounters with the ground a non-event as damage is easily fixed at the field in seconds with thin CA glue. Stevens AeroModel invites you to build our LiddleGee (a relaxed one evening build) and enjoy the aerial antics at your next indoor flying sessions. BuildIt!

Made in Colorado, USA
Item Number: SAK-LGEEUM
Wing span 14.75 in. | Wing area 57 sq. in. | Flying weight 1.1 oz. | 3-Channel RET
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Add the motor and gearbox!

The LiddleGee flies best using this ParkZone 3624 motor and gearbox.

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Add the propeller!

This E-Flite (EFL9051) propeller includes a rubber spinner and simply threads onto the output shaft of the PKZ3624 gearbox.

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Add the receiver and servos!

We've designed this ultra micro model to use the popular ParkZone 3352 electronics – requires a Spectrum DSMX/2 compatible transmitter.

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Add the White covering!

To complete the model as pictured add one PatchPak of AeroLITE Bright White to this order.

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Add the Transparent Blue covering!

To complete the model as pictured add one PatchPak of AeroLITE Transparent Blue to this order.

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Additional Details


Wing Span | 14.75 in
Overall Length | 12.5 in
Wing Area | 57 in²
Flying Weight | 1.1 oz
Wing Loading | 2.7 oz/ft²

Controls Required | 3 channel, R/E/T
Construction | Balsa / Ply
Category | Ultra Micro Indoor


  • Step-by-step assembly instructions and Photo Supplement
  • Full size detail drawings
  • Hand selected laser-cut AAA balsa and hardwood stock
  • Laser-cut acetate windscreen and motor details
  • Comprehensive hardware package

Required Electronics

ParkZone and E-Flite are registered trademarks of Horizon Hobby, LLC

Required finishing items

  • Covering film | 2 PatchPak™ AeroLITE™
  • CA Glue | Thin, Medium, and Thick Adhesives



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