StevensAero - SOARstik™, GWS Slow Stick Soaring Wing Kit

StevensAero - SOARstik™, GWS Slow Stick Soaring Wing Kit
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The "SOARstik” laser cut model airplane wing kit by Stevens AeroModel is offered as an upgrade to your GWS Slow Stick and can be made into a complete model with purchase of GWS slow stick fuselage components. The SOARstik is an extended span variation of our original "stik" platform and has been specially designed to accommodate the additional stresses of Aerial Photography (AP) payloads. The generous wing area and high lift airfoil make the SOARstik a competent thermal hound even in light lift.

Our wing kit is constructed from AAA hand selected balsa designed, cut, and kitted right here in the USA. Our efficient design and hand selected wood allows us to maximize strength while keeping weight in check. The entire wing frames in about 1 hour and has been designed to be simple to cover and resist warping. This wing kit features a robust hardwood leading edge, strong wood I-Beam construction, and rigid trussed ribs. The design has been developed with first time builders in mind and completely interlocks like a 3-D puzzle you simply cannot make a mistake! Solid trailing edge, ailerons, and empennage resist damage from storage (hangar rash) and easily absorb the bumps and bruises of training far better than your old foam trainer.

This product is offered without GWS fueselage components.  For those who may not have a GWS Slow Stick donor fuselage, we offer package deals with the remaining GWS components to create a complete airframe kit.
This wing kit includes upgraded balsa horizontal and vertical fin set.

1 - Fuselage Parts for GWS Slow Stick


1 - EPS350C-CS Motor - 10x8SF Prop


2 - Sub-Micro Servos (HS-55)
1 - 6" Y Harness
1 - Roll of AeroLITE (solite) covering
1 - 1/2 oz. Thin CA Glue.

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    Motor Type: Coreless
    Bearing Type: None
    Speed (4.8V/6.0V): 0.17 / 0.14 sec @ 60 deg.
    Torque oz./in. (4.8V/6.0V): 15 / 18
    Torque kg./cm. (4.8V/6.0V): 1.08 / 1.30
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  • ZAP - CA Glue, 1/2 oz. [PAAPT09]

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  • ZAP - Flexi Tips (24 / pkg.) [PAAPT21]

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William Krysak
Easy build, sturdy construction. Currently my AP flyer.
A Baker
I have looked over the AeroStik that was sent and the quality of balsa and laser cutting is FANTASTIC. The best I have ever seen in 40 years. Now, I am very anxious to get the SOARstik so my son & I can get started. I hope to send you a picture of both of them when we get them built.
Al Gerbens (
I built this kit about a year ago, my first balsa kit and it now has many flights on it.
Our local group had an endurance competition recently and I took first place by strapping 3 x 2100 3s1p lipos onto the fuse, it flew well for about an hour and 5 minutes in 15-20 mph wind gusts. This is a very sturdy kit!

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