StevensAero - SHAFT (400) Electric RC Airplane, Sport/Parkflyer [SAK-SHAFT400]

StevensAero - SHAFT (400) Electric RC Airplane, Sport/Parkflyer [SAK-SHAFT400]
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1.00 lbs
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Made in Colorado, U.S.A
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129.00 USD

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The SHAFT (Super High Performance Aerobatic Flight Trainer)... fills the void between our basic 4 channel "stik" trainers which are designed for positive stability and our higher performance G series models which are designed for unlimited aerobatics.

Light and efficient airframe... Designing at elevations well over a mile high forces us to create more efficient air vehicles that overcome the atmospheric density challenges of high altitude flight. Through intelligent use of materials and good old fashion engineering we are able to provide a better functioning product.

Simple Construction... Even the novice can build the SHAFT! Featuring a low part count of 100% precision laser cut balsa and hardwood components. Warp resistant wing construction, Carbon fiber capped flying surfaces, Truss Loc(tm) and tab and notch assembly techniques assist you to build a straight and true airframe that stays true.

Under-Carriage designed to stay with the plane upon arrival... Our beefy landing gear derived from the SQuiRT will absorb anything the novice pilot can dish out and won't tear out of the fuselage.

Flies like a bird not a brick... We bet you'll overshoot the runway! the SHAFT's semi-symmetric airfoil and a flying wight over 1/2 pound less than competing models add up to one agile bird that insists on staying aloft.

Minimize Collateral Damage... The SHAFT's wings easily slip from the fuselage and the landing gear flexes and shifts to avoid unnecessary bench time between those exciting arrivals.

Take it on the road with you... The SHAFT packs flat and is itching to go with you on your next road trip.

Kit Includes:  Full Size Rolled Plan Sheet Precision Laser cut AAA balsa and hardwood Pre-Bent Landing Gear Full hardware complement - real premium DuBro hardware. You'll need 1-2 rolls of your favorite colored AeroLITE or AeroFILM product. See "Specifications" tab for radio and power system requirements.

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    Motor Type: Coreless
    Bearing Type: None
    Speed (4.8V/6.0V): 0.17 / 0.14 sec @ 60 deg.
    Torque oz./in. (4.8V/6.0V): 15 / 18
    Torque kg./cm. (4.8V/6.0V): 1.08 / 1.30
    Size in Inches: 0.89 x 0.45 x 0.94
    Size in Millimeters: 22.61 x 11.43 x 23.88
    Weight ounces: 0.28
    Weight grams: 7.94
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E-Zone Review
Read the full text of this review by BEC
D Segal
I have just finished the SHAFT kit and I want to tell you what a superb kit you produced. The instructions were clear, the assembly sequence worked and the parts fit beautifully.
jim quenneville (
Fun and Fast Build.
An amazingingly stable little plane with great aerobatic capability.
I recently mixed the rudder couple out and 4 point rolls are nice and straight.
A perfect durable plane....I can see why Bill offer so many sizes.
I want one of each !
James Rust (
I'm scared of glue, so I had my friends dad build it :) It took him 8 hours from start to cover. It took me another 2 to get the electronices in....but man what a pleasure to fly. I crash other planes ALOT, but the Shaft hasn't let me down once. It is so agile I can get out of any bad spot!!! Flies inverted just the same as upright....I even did a hammerhead stall...I don't even know what one one a plane!!! I'm gonna try the adrenaline rush next....wish me luck.
Jim Taylor (
Mission Accomplished! Fantastic tough light parkflyer!

My new SHAFT weighs in at 15 3/4 oz with:
HS-45 servos
AR 6100 receiver
E-Flite Park 450
APC 10x4.7SF
Castle Creations Phoenix 25 ESC
Thunder Power 3s740 Pro Lite V2
Covered in AeroLite

This combo runs at about 150 Watts.
I would like to try a 1000kv 1.5oz outrunner as those can typically burst to 150 watts but I would be saving 1+oz on the motor.

I was impressed with the design of this airplane. Very well thought out! The wing turned out nice and flat and I don't forsee any warping from sitting in the car. The break free wing and landing gear work perfectly! Tail feathers are nice and strong and can take some abuse. The only thing I plan on changing is adding a tail wheel. Total build, covering, radio install, power system install and radio programming took 7 hours.

With an AUW of 15.75 oz it's a treat to fly really slow just around stall a couple feet off the ground. Easy to fly around in a culdesac, even turn around all under tree level. Open it up and with just a little mixing it knife edges relatively easily and can hold elevation with full rudder. Aerobatic are great with this plane. Flat spins are really tight and flat and decent slowly with power. Nice fun tough plane. I'll keep this one around for a long time!

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