StevensAero - Helium MG2, RES Motor Glider Kit

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Made in Colorado, U.S.A
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The HeliumMG represents our efforts to modernize the vintage motorized glider platform that gave many of us our first taste of powered RC flight. The Helium 2MG is a piece o'cake to build thanks to thoughtful design and interlocking precision laser cut components. This stable, predictable, featherweight (22-26oz Flying weight) glider sports a cavernous fuselage which makes it ideal for outfitting with various photography and FPV gear. Portability and flying site adaptability was a high priority when designing the HeliumMG as such we've designed the HeliumMG with 3 peice wing and given the fuselage a removable horizontal stabilizer to allow it to pack down flat making it an ideal travel plane. Shock mounted landing gear protect the underbelly of the HeliumMG from the ever-present rocks and scrub found at un-improved fields.

Product Features:
  • 2 Meter span Rudder, Elevator, Throttle control motor glider with optional Spoiler
  • Easy access to cavernous equipment and battery compartments
  • Simple interlocking precision laser cut components and rapid assembly with CA glue
  • Beginner friendly modified S7055 airfoil keeps speed in check without sacrificing penetration
  • Ultralight flying weight assures success even on light lift days.
  • Carbon fiber reinforced spar and flat center section build strong and allow the Helium to carry FPV and aerial photography payloads with complete confidence.
  • Optional barn door spoiler allows for operation from small fields with confidence.
  • Optional rubber-band on wing (cannot be used with spoiler) allows the Helium to function as a primary motor glider trainer.
  • Easy to transport 3 piece wing assembles/disassembles in minutes at the field
  • Removable horizontal stabilizer allows fuselage to pack flat for transport
  • Shock mounted, removable landing gear

What's Included:
  • Precision Lasercut parts machined from hand selected AAA balsa and hardwoods
  • Carbon fiber and balsawood stock
  • Thourough computer drawn plan set and illustrated instruction manual
  • Cut vinyl - canopy graphics
  • Comprehensive hardware selection including:
  • Shock-abosorbing landing gear
  • Pushrods, Control Horns, EZ-Links and EZ-Connectors

Suggested Building Supplies:
  • Basic modeling skills
  • Thin, and Medium CA Glue
  • CA Glue accelerator and debonder
  • CA Glue tips (fine)
  • Sanding block
  • Hobby knife with extra #11 blades
  • Pin-vise and small drill bit selection
  • Clear scotch tape or Du-Bro tape hinge material
  • Adhesive backed hook and loop or servo tape for mounting electronics
  • Two rolls AeroLITE or AeroFILM covering

Required Electronics:
  • 2 HS-55 or HS-65 servos for Rudder and Elevator Control
  • 1 HS-56 servo and 6" servo extension for optional Spoiler
  • 200-250W brushless outrunner motor (Hacker A30-28S or E-Flite Park 480 1020)
  • 25A ESC (Castle Creations Phoenix 25)
  • 2100 mAh 11.1V 15C discharge LiPoly (ThunderPower RC Pro-Lite)
  • 9x7 Electric Propeller or 9-10" Folding Propeller

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Dennis Canfield
Jul 24, 2014
This kit was a blast to build due to the great instructions and quality material. This was my third Stevens build and I just ordered the SkyBuggy 300 for my next project. I fly this glider 3 or 4 times a week and have about 30 flights so far with no problems. Great Job guys!
Al Gerbens (
After about 30 flights I really like this glider. Makes for a nice break from higher speed flying. During a couple of less than pristine landings the wing tips simply popped off with no damage. Spoiler (needs a wire spring) is activated with flaps switch with elevator mix, making small field landing practical. Lotsa fun, well engineered, highly recommended.

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