StevensAero - DiddleRod™, Indoor/Backyard Nostalgic Kit

StevensAero - DiddleRod™, Indoor/Backyard Nostalgic Kit
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In pursuit of the ultimate gymnasium flyer? We are now happy to bring you a new classic DiddleBugs™ plane. We gave this one a new swoopy lines - and a sporty mid mounted wing and incorporated a bunch of great feedback from you, our customers. Enjoy!
The DiddleRod™ was derived directly from our hugely successful DiddleBug™. The DiddleRod features all of the flight characteristics you loved about the DiddleBug™ wrapped in a classic mid-wing racer package. We have even added a place for you to put a pilot in this one! Designed with the beginner in mind. The DiddleRod™ introduces the new hobbyist to working with balsa, covering, and control setup in a non-threatening manner.
Beginners will appreciate this affordable design, simple single surface wing, low parts count, and self jigging fuselage that builds straight every time. The gentle handling DiddleRod™ will not spin and stalls are always clean, predictable, and straight ahead. Slow speed, wide flight envelope, and forgiving handling keeps the new pilot from trouble and the low mass, durable, all balsa construction makes encounters with the ground a non-event. Should you find your DiddleRod requires repair; damage is easily fixed at the field in seconds with thin CA glue.
Advanced pilots will enjoy relaxing low and close in flying encounters with their DiddleRod™ The DiddleRod's retro old-timer design echoes fond memories of childhood free flight models. The clean lines, small size, and flight characteristics will garner all sorts of attention wherever you and your DiddleRod go!
Enter the world of Micro / Indoor flight with conventional R/C gear. The high quality, affordable, RC system used in the DiddleRod™ is easily transported to more advanced models, micro and parkfliers, as your skills develop. Stevens AeroModel offers indoor/backyard pylon and aerobatic models that make extensive use of the DiddleRod's flight pack so you won't have to purchase your electronics all over again when you are ready to move on.
Kit includes:  Full size rolled plans, push rods, landing gear, wheels, and motor mount. See our list of suggested products for completing your DiddleRod™ at the bottom of this page.

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Paul Jessel
Oct 8, 2014
Well my Diddle Rod is still flying years later. During some bad landings I managed to smash the nose a couple of times and tear one wing inhalf. After carefully fixing her up after these mishaps she is still flying as pretty as ever. Every time I take it out to the field I get comments on how pretty the Diddle Rod looks and how well it flys, and this is from the big 4 and 5 channel guys! The Diddle Rod still is a great ambassador for StevensAero!
Andreas Sundt (
Just read the next above. This is pure fun to build and fly together with my CAP 232 40E
Brgds Andreas
Paul Jessel (
Well after months of procrastination I finally finished my DiddleRod and....It flew off the drawing board! Having only flown free flight gas models and RC vectored thrust toys this was my first true RC airplane. After a little trim adjustment I had no trouble controlling it in the air. I was able to fly clean race track patterns and figure eight's. I built her very light ( 2.63 oz. ) and was able to fly very slowly at less than half throttle. The140mh lipo battery I used kept her up approximately 10 minutes. The DiddleRod performed exactly as advertised, as a perfect beginner's airplane and a gentile flyer. It was love at first flight!

On my second flight I got a little cocky and put the plane into dives and did several loops and a hammerhead stall. All maneuvers were clean and straight ahead, the loops being nice and round. The only problem I noticed was that when the plane reached a certain high speed the wings picked up a flutter. Clearly I was flying outside the DiddleRod's flight envelope. The long thin glider type wings meant for slow speeds are not meant for fast. There was no damage done to the plane during this flight but I suspect that I could over time cause the wing covering to come loose and lose lift in the middle of a flight! I

I still love the plane, but I had never been able to do stunts before, all my toy plane flying being low and slow and relaxing. I love the Steven's Aero retro designs on their Diddle Bugs, and seeing videos of the new LiddleRod with the wider clipped wings doing stunts I thought WoW! I was bitten with what you could really do with a little airplane. Unfortunately I'm not ready to move into micro aircraft right now as all my gear is traditional 72 mz which was given to me along with small RX's and speed controls perfect for the Diddle Designs. Sooo... here is a question. Is it possible for you to scale up the LiddleRod to the same scale as the DiddleRod and offer it as a kit?

-Paul Jessel
Carl Payne
As a new r/c modeler, I don't have that much experience yet with flying planes. All of the planes that I have been flying previously have been free flight rubber powered models which have all been low and slow flying. The Diddlerod, with its large wing area and low weight, has been an excellent choice for an introduction to the hobby because of its slow flying speed and gentle handling characteristics. The fact that all of the parts are laser cut and extremely well designed made the plane extremely easy and a joy to assembled rather than a chore which some of my other models have turned into. The plane really is everything that it's billed to be. I'm glad I decided to buy one.

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