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StevensAero - 1909 Demoiselle UM, ToonScale™ Laser-cut model airplane kit

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ToonScale™ 1909 Demoiselle UM-Background

The Stevens AeroModel 1909 Demoiselle UM is very loosely based on the series of full-size aircraft, designed and built by pioneering Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont from 1906 to 1910. Santos-Dumont was credited with the first heavier-than-air powered flight in Europe when he flew his Model 14bis in front of a large crowd of people on the 23rd of October, 1906. The Demoiselle is considered to be the world’s first true ultra-light aircraft. It was flown in France regularly, as well as giving demonstration flights at Belmont Park, New York, by none other than Roland Garros. Garros would later go on to become one of France’s first flying aces in World War I. Plans to build the Demoiselle were available from the aviation press in Europe, and a set of plans was featured for the aviation enthusiast in “Popular Mechanics” magazine in North America.

Our version of the famous Demoiselle is definitely a ToonScale™ version of this iconic aircraft and is in no way intended to be a scale replica. We were inspired to create our Demoiselle and the rest of our “Great Race” series of models by the general quirkiness, graceful beauty, and the sometimes “what were they thinking?” designs of early aviation. . . along with a huge dose of the classic aviation film “Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines”.

The Stevens AeroModel 1909 Demoiselle UM features state-of-the-art CAD/CAM design, precision hand-selected laser-cut wood, laser-cut wire wheels, a complete hardware package, and an optional colorful "toon" graphics set. All of our models feature the unique tab-and-notch construction techniques pioneered here at Stevens AeroModel, which guarantee a quick and trouble-free build. The docile, yet nimble, flight performance of this model should provide pilots with plenty of excitement as they relive the dawn of aviation, or their favorite scenes from the film “Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines”. The 1909 Demoiselle UM can be flown indoors at the local gym or outdoors on a beautiful day. Amaze your friends at the local flying site with a stunning, easy-to-build model that gives you the bragging rights to say, “I built it myself!”

“...they go up tiddly up, up, they go down diddy down, down...” Build it!

Kit Includes:
Precision laser cut parts 
Full size detail sheets with markings template
Photo illustrated step-by-step assembly instructions
Hardware package including push-rods, control horns, struts, receiver clip, pre-cut acetate wind screen, wheels.
Kit Requires:
1/2 oz. Thin and Medium CA glues
Sanding Block with 220 grit paper
AeroLITE covering film (White and Red as shown- Two Patch Packs Suggested)
Pre-Cut "Toon" grahpics and pilot figure available as an optional purchase.
Reciever, ParkZone PKZ3352 Receiver/ESC/Servo unit
Motor, PKZ3624 
Propeller, 130mm x 70mm EFL9051
Compatible Spektrum DSM2, ParkZone, or E-Flite Radio
Optional Finish Packages:
Purchase our "Recruit Package" which includes the comprehensive airframe kit along with pre-cut "Toon" decals to complete the scheme illustrated here.  
Our "Flyboy Package" includes the comprehensive airframe kit, decal set (as above), and covering (two PatchPaks of AeroLITE - antique white / cream).
The "Ace Package" is your best value and includes:  Comprehensive airframe kit, decal set, covering, motor/gearbox (PKZ3624), and propeller.  Just add your DSM2 compatible receiver (PKZ3352) and transmitter!

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    Ultra light iron-on self-adhesive film (polypropylene) for electric indoor and micro model aircraft. Now offered in convenient PatchPak size; just the right amount for repair jobs, trim, or covering our micro and ultra-micro model aircraft kits. Transparent colors weigh only 20 grammes per square meter (0.60 ounces per square yard). 'Solid' colors are only slightly heavier. Weights include color and adhesive.

    Film is folded into packages not rolled. Minor creases from packaging will readily iron out as film is applied to model.
    7.99 USD
  • Decal - 1909 Demoiselle UM - ToonScale™

    CNC cut "Racing" Numbers and Toon Pilot are precision cut from premium 3 mil self-adhesive material. Includes two each toon pilot halves, wing numbers, along with right and left rudder markings; to complete the racing themed styling option for our ToonScale™ 1909 Demoiselle UM, Laser-cut model airplane kit.

    8.99 USD

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