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  • Hitec - HS-35HD Ultra Sub-Micro Servo JR/RCD/Z Plug

    Never before has a servo so small delivered so big. The HS-35HD Ultra Nano servo offers unprecedented durability thanks to our exclusive Metal-Karbonite™ gear train. Delivering maximum performance at minimum weight, the HS-35HD is destined to become an industry favorite. Its long life and uniquely engineered gear train will make it one of the most reliable and efficient “tiny” servos on the market. The HS-35HD is perfect for micro 3D and sport aircraft as well as many small helicopters.

    Ultra-Light Weight Nano Size
    Long Life Potentiometer
    Metal Karbonite™ Gear Train
    Multi-directional Servo Cable Joint
    24.99 USD
    39.99 USD Your Savings 38%
  • Hitec - HS-40 Nano Servo

    The Hitec RCD research department and engineers work tirelessly at developing economical servo technology that outperforms the competition and the new HS-40 nano analog servo delivers just that. With a three-pole cored motor and resilient nylon gears, this affordable servo is a dream come true for micro aircraft, sailplane and helicopter pilots. Slightly larger than the popular HS-35HD with an operating range of 4.8 to 6.0 volts, the HS-40 is a solid performer that is easy on your wallet! Features Nylon Gears Three-Pole Motor 4.8 & 6.0V Operation Economically Priced

    • Nylon Gears
    • Three-Pole Motor
    • 4.8 & 6.0V Operation
    • Economically Priced
    13.99 USD
  • Hitec - HS-5035HD Digital Ultra Sub-Micro Servo JR/RCD/Z Plug

    Great things do come in small packages. The ultra nano HS-5035HD is the digital version of the popular HS-35HD and is destined to become a fan favorite! Equipped with a fully programmable digital circuit, Metal Karbonite gear train and long life potentiometer, the HS-5035HD provides heavy hitting performance in a lightweight package. Pilots of micro 3D and sport aircraft as well as small helicopters will find it the perfect servo for their aerial theatrics. Small servo, huge performance!

    Type: Digital
    Application: Micro 3D and sport aircraft and small helicopters
    Torque: 11 oz-in (0.8 kg-cm) @ 4.8V
    Speed: 0.10 sec/60° @ 4.8V
    Length: 0.73 in (18.6mm)
    Width: 0.30 in (7.6mm)
    Height: 0.61 in (15.5mm)
    Weight: 0.16 oz (4.5 g)
    Bushing Or Bearing: Bushing
    Motor Type: 3-pole ferrite
    Gear Type: Metal
    Gear Material: Metal Karbonite
    Voltage: 4.8V only
    31.99 USD
    45.99 USD Your Savings 30%
  • Hitec - HS-55 Sub-Micro Servo JR/RCD/Z Plug [HRC31055S]

    The HS-55 set the standard for affordable performance, offering precision components that have been engineered to provide long lasting trouble free service! Featured in a hundred model aircraft reviews worldwide, the HS-55 is your best choice when it comes to controlling ”smaller” Electric’s and Park Flyers.


    Motor Type: Coreless
    Bearing Type: None
    Speed (4.8V/6.0V): 0.17 / 0.14 sec @ 60 deg.
    Torque oz./in. (4.8V/6.0V): 15 / 18
    Torque kg./cm. (4.8V/6.0V): 1.08 / 1.30
    Size in Inches: 0.89 x 0.45 x 0.94
    Size in Millimeters: 22.61 x 11.43 x 23.88
    Weight ounces: 0.28
    Weight grams: 7.94
    13.99 USD
    15.99 USD Your Savings 13%
  • Hitec - HS-65HB Mighty Feather Servo JR/RCD/Z Plug [HRC33065S]

    Considered one of the most powerful servos in the micro class, the HS-65 is offered with a choice of “shock resistant” Metal or “zero wear” Karbonite gears. The 65 series features a top-ball bearing for long life and positive centering, 31 ounces/inches of power at 6 volts and is an excellent choice for higher performance micro helicopters, electric park flyers, and 1/18 scale cars.


    Motor Type: 3 Pole
    Bearing Type: Top Ball Bearing
    Speed (4.8V/6.0V): 0.14 / 0.11 sec @ 60 deg.
    Torque oz./in. (4.8V/6.0V): 25 / 31
    Torque kg./cm. (4.8V/6.0V): 1.8 / 2.2
    Size in Inches: 0.92 x 0.45 x 0.94
    Size in Millimeters: 23.34 x 11.43 x 23.88
    Weight ounces: 0.39
    Weight grams: 11.06
    21.99 USD
    25.99 USD Your Savings 15%
  • Hitec - HS-82MG Micro Servo, Metal Gear [HRC32082S]

    We took one of our top selling servos and made it even better. Based on the ultra popular HS-81MG the HS-82MG gets a new stronger motor and updated electronics for more precise centering. The HS-82MG is perfect for smaller aircraft and helicopters where a durable geartrain is required.


    Motor Type: 3 Pole
    Bearing Type: None
    Speed (4.8V/6.0V): 0.12 / 0.10 sec @ 60 deg.
    Torque oz./in. (4.8V/6.0V): 39 / 47
    Torque kg./cm. (4.8V/6.0V): 2.8 / 3.4
    Size in Inches: 1.17 x 0.47 x 1.16
    Size in Millimeters: 29.72 x 11.94 x 29.46
    Weight ounces: 0.66
    Weight grams: 18.71
    19.99 USD
    23.99 USD Your Savings 17%
  • Hitec - HS125MG Thin Metal Gear Wing Servo JR/RCD/Z Plug [HRC32125S]

    The analog HS-125MG is truly a super thin servo measuring 1.2” x 0.4” x 1.3”. Featuring Hitec’s MP Gear, the HS-125MG is very durable, and a perfect fit in the slim wings of today’s high performance gliders.


    Motor Type: 3 Pole
    Bearing Type: Dual Ball Bearing
    Speed (4.8V/6.0V): 0.17 / 0.13 sec @ 60 deg.
    Torque oz./in. (4.8V/6.0V): 42 / 49
    Torque kg./cm. (4.8V/6.0V): 3.0 / 3.5
    Size in Inches: 1.18 x 0.39 x 1.33
    Size in Millimeters: 29.97 x 9.91 x 33.78
    Weight ounces: 0.84
    Weight grams: 23.81
    34.99 USD
    41.99 USD Your Savings 17%
  • Hitec - HS225BB Mighty Mini Servo (Ball Bearing) JR/RCD/Z Plug [HRC31225S]

    The analog HS-225BB represents a good value with performance that rivals other larger and more expensive servos. Ideal for applications that call for a small, lightweight, high speed, high torque servo, the HS-225BB high performance mini servo features a top ball bearing and is built with state-of-the-art SMT technology.


    Motor Type: 3 Pole
    Bearing Type: Top Ball Bearing
    Speed (4.8V/6.0V): 0.14 / 0.11 sec @ 60 deg.
    Torque oz./in. (4.8V/6.0V): 54 / 67
    Torque kg./cm. (4.8V/6.0V): 3.9 / 4.8
    Size in Inches: 1.27 x 0.66 x 1.22
    Size in Millimeters: 32.26 x 16.76 x 31.00
    Weight ounces: 0.95
    Weight grams: 26.93
    17.99 USD
    26.99 USD Your Savings 33%
  • Hitec - HS322HD Standard Heavy Duty Servo JR/RCD/Z Plug [HRC33322S]

    The HS-322HD Standard Heavy Duty Servo utilizes Hitec’s revolutionary Karbonite™ gear train which is four times stronger than our standard white nylon gears, and even after hundreds of thousands of cycles they don’t show any signs of wear. Karbonite™ gears and our custom IC make the HS-322HD a great choice for an economical sport servo.

    *See Karbonite guidelines below


    Applications: Heli's and Aircraft up to 72” or up to 12lbs when using just one servo per control surface.

    Note: Be aware that high vibration gas (not glow) engines combined with large control surfaces and large throws (3D models) can put undue strain on the gears. Metal geared servos are recommended for these applications, even if under 12lbs.

    Warning: Do not use thread lockers on Karbonite geared servo as it will cause the output shaft to fail.


    Motor Type: 3 Pole
    Bearing Type: Nylon
    Speed (4.8V/6.0V): 0.19 / 0.15 sec @ 60 deg.
    Torque oz./in. (4.8V/6.0V): 42 / 51
    Torque kg./cm. (4.8V/6.0V): 3.0 / 3.7
    Size in Inches: 1.57 x 0.78 x 1.43
    Size in Millimeters: 39.88 x 19.81 x 36.32
    Weight ounces: 1.51
    Weight grams: 42.81
    15.99 USD
    19.99 USD Your Savings 20%
  • Ultra-Micro 1.8 Gram Linear Servo [SPMSA2005]

    This ultra micro compatible linear servo is for use with Spektrum ultra-micro receiver products and replaces the AS2000 servo required by our Swift 100 model airplane kit.


    • Torque: 2.8 oz
    • Speed: .10 - .14 sec
    • Length: 0.6 in (16.0 mm)
    • Width: 0.59 in (15.0 mm)
    • Height: 0.33 in (8.2mm)
    • Weight: 0.06 oz (1.8 g)
    • Motor Type: Brushed
    • Connector Type: JST-SHR 1.0 mm
    • Gear Type: Nylon


    Repair service and technical support for this product is handled by Horizon Hobby please click here to initiate a support request or contact Horizon Hobby technical support and repair service directly at: 888-959-2305 (M-F 8a-7 CST)


    17.99 USD