Radio Control Club Racers

Our club racers are great for fostering friendly competition between you and the neighbor kid.  Be certain to click on product image for more detailed specifications and suggested items to complete your model purchase.

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  • StevensAero - Adrenaline Rush, Mini Pylon Club Racer

    Mini Hotliner performance with affordable GWS EDP-50XC and 12mm Brushless systems. Features a wide flight envelope and forgiving stall characteristics - will slow to a crawl, climb out to a dot in seconds, and reaches blistering speeds in a shallow dive. See the online build thread CLICK HERE.
    • Ideal club racing platform.
    • Cuts through high winds that sends all other pilots packing.
    • Durable solid balsa and carbon construction.
    • Simple one evening construction from building board to first flight.
    • Outstanding performance from simple brushed 180 motors (40mph Level Flight)
    • Blistering performance from the Hacker E10-36L 12mm Brushless (60+mph Level Flight)

    To complete this model you will require basic woodworking tools (a sanding block and sand paper), thin CA glue, clear tape, a water based urethane wood sealant or dope. Designed for JR SM8 servos.

    Electric Setup Guide 

    Suggested "CHEAP" Setup (38-40mph):
    • GWS EDP-50XC
    • GWS ICS-50E Speed Control
    • 240-325mAh Battery 7.4v (2S1P)
    • 3x2 Propeller
    Suggested "FAST" Setup (65+ mph):
    • Hacker E10-36L 4300kv Motor
    • SA SPORT 10A ESC
    • 325mAh 11.1v (3S1P)
    • 3x2 Propeller
    Suggested "BLISTERING FAST" Setup (85+ mph):
    • Medusa 5300kv Motor
    • SA SPORT 10A Brushless ESC
    • 325mAh Battery 11.1v (3S1P)
    • 3x2 Propeller
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