Radio Control Aerobatic Models

Our state of the art Aerobatic models will allow aspiring and seasoned pilots to take thier flying to the next level.  Be certain to click on product image for more detailed specifications and suggested items to complete your model purchase.

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  • StevensAero - axis™ (XS480), laser-cut aerobatic model airplane kit

    The XS480 (AXIS)™ builds on the excitement and aerobatic prowess of the original SHAFT 480™ it replaces. Sporting our unique D-Truss™ wing construction the AXIS features a thick symmetric airfoil, low wing loading, and generous moments to dish out smooth and precise handling regardless of the airspeed, alpha, or aerobatic maneuver thrown at it. Updated aggressive styling, hard points for the addition of optional floats, and strategic reinforced of the wing and tail groups with carbon composite materials position the AXIS to become your next timeless classic.

    Product highlights:

    • 25% increase in size over competing ARF without an increase in weight!
    • Removable wing, tailgroup, and landing gear affords easy transport.
    • Simple two evening frame up thanks to revolutionary precision Laser Engineered™ components.
    • D-Truss™wing construction reduces warping and reliance on covering for wing's torsional rigidity.
    • Spar and tail group are strategically reinforced with carbon composite materials.
    • 480 class airframe is ideal size and weight for park-flying and small field flying even on windy days!
    • Produced from the finest hand selected and sorted balsa and hardwood components.
    • Innovative shock absorbing lading gear stays with the airframe on arrival.  No more running out onto the runway to retrieve your undercarriage due to a less than perfect arrival!
    • Comprehensive DuBro hardware package featuring wheels, landing gear, push-rods, ez-connectors, ez-links, and control horns.
    • Illustrated instruction manual and clear computer drawn plan set leaves nothing to the imagination.
    • Made in Colorado, USA

    Required electronics:

    4 - Micro Servos (Hitec HS-65HB)
    2 - 8 in. Servo Extensions
    1 - Micro 4-6 Ch receiver (Spektrum AR500)
    1 - 250W brushless motor (Park BL-480 SUPA2810-11)
    1 - 30A brushless ESC (Castle Creations Thunderbird 36)
    1 - 1600-2100mAh LiPo capable of 25A continuous

    Suggested covering film: 

    2 - Rolls AeroLITE or AeroFILM covering


    159.00 USD
  • StevensAero - Daddy-O (525), Nostalgic Sport Aerobat

    Delightful aerobatic model features nostalgic lines and solid aerobatic prowess. This design was derived from Thayer Syme's RC version of the McGuire Daddy-O and extensively re-engineered by Stevens AeroModel to improve both the flight performance and ease of construction.

    Modern high performance sport pattern aerobat in a 1930's wrapper.

    Make no mistake, the Daddy-O 525 is the premier kit build of 2010. 

    Accepts popular 300W brushless outrunner motors (Hacker A30-16M). Awards: "Best Sport Model" NEAT Fair 2009 and "Best Sport Airplane" WRAM Show 2008
    More detailed write up by the designer/builder of the Daddy-O 525 Here

    Steve's Build Thread on Watt Flyer

    Development Status:
    In production. Now Shipping.  - Updated kit manual posted September 3rd, 2010

    Included with model:

    • Hand selected AAA balsa and hardwoods laser cut to perfection
    • Simple plans free construction!
    • Photo Illustrated Instruction Manual
    • Hand selected, balsa strip stock (Leading Edge, Turbulators, and Spar Caps)
    • Carbon fiber and balsa composite main spar
    • Pre-formed landing gear
    • Comprehensive hardware package including wheels, control horns, and control rods.

    Required to complete model:

    • 2-3 rolls of AeroFILM or AeroLITE covering film
    • 1 roll of AeroTRIM self adhesive film
    • Thin, Medium, and Thick CA glues
    • Sanding Block (Razor Plane is helpful)
    • Hobby Knifes, Covering Iron, and Heat Gun.
    • 1/5 Scale Pilot Figure Not Included
    • Hacker A30-16M motor, Phoenix 35 ESC, 3 HS-65HB servos, 1 HS-65MG servo, Radio, and two 12 in. servo extensions.

    Simple 3-4 evening frame up for a builder of novice skill level!

    Every Daddy-O 525 is carefully cut-to-order please allow 5-7 business days before shipment of this product.

    259.00 USD
  • StevensAero - Edge 540 (S480), IMAC Parkflyer

    This RC model airplane laser cut kit was born out of the demand for a scale 3D capable aircraft based upon the simple construction techniques and solid flight performance of our innovative G-480. Our innovative design features many industry first building techniques including our Truss-Loc(tm) interlocking warren truss fuselage assembly and our D-Loc(tm) wing construction technique - the easiest and straightest d-tube wing you have ever built. Two piece plug-in wings and carbon wing spar for greater portability. Simple battery access designed to enhance cooling air-flow over sensitive electronic equipment.

    Crisp Pattern Flier
    Solid 3D performance
    Large Scale airplane look and feel
    Portable fits in your trunk!

    Text book aerobatics wrapped in a no excuses Scale/Precision/3D capable airframe. Featuring a predictable flight envelope, point and go precision tracking, clean snap and spin characteristics, and excellent Knife Edge performance.

    Kit includes: Precision laser cut parts, rolled computer drawn plan sheet, photo illustrated instruction manual, comprehensive hardware package (wheels, pushrods, carbon wing tube, pre-bent landing gear, motor mount, and misc. hardware), molded plastic cowl and canopy, and 3D flight guide.

    Suggested Radio Gear: 4 micro servos (HS-65, or JR-DS285 suggested), 4-6ch receiver, and servo extensions two 6" and two 12".

    Suggested Building Supplies: Thin CA glue, glue tips, balsa wood filler, sanding block, hobby knife, 2-3 rolls of AeroFILM or AeroFILM LITE covering material.
    219.00 USD
  • StevensAero - G300 (G-Ride) Electric RC Airplane, Parkflyer

    A thoroughbred RC aerobat, this laser cut model airplane kit features graceful lines of past and present IAC aerobats and is firmly rooted in unlimited aerobatics. Developed to offer an elegant mix of precision and freestyle flying, the G-Ride by Stevens AeroModel balances refined IMAC pattern flying without sacrificing freestyle agility. Capable of flying the entire IMAC basic sequence on a brushed GWS EPS-350 and 7.4V LiPo - you will enjoy strong vertical up-lines, large round loops, robust cubans, flawless outside performance, clean snaps and spins, and yes even knife edge slips the length of the field... (just to name a few). Absolutely obscene vertical performance is achieved with the addition of a 200W Hacker A20-20L and 11.1 LiPo.

    The next best thing to flying a G-Ride is building a G-Ride.  The G-Ride utilizes a hybrid truss/box construction using our Truss-Loc(tm) method. This simple build frames in a matter of evenings (usually two before the final sand). No building skills? Relax this project is easily tackled by a first time builder. You will delight in the thorough instructions and goof proof interlocking construction. If you are a purist scratch builder this kit may change your religion!

    Kit includes: Precision laser cut parts, rolled computer drawn plan sheet, photo illustrated instruction manual, molded plastic cowl and canopy.

    Suggested Radio Gear: 4 sub-micro servos (HS-55), 4-6ch receiver, servo Y harness.

    Suggested Building Supplies: Thin CA glue, glue tips, balsa wood filler, sanding block, hobby knife, 1-2 rolls of AeroFILM or AeroFILM LITE covering material.
    129.00 USD
  • StevensAero - G480 V2 (Re-Groove) Electric RC Airplane, 3D/Pattern/Parkflyer [SAK-G480V2]

    Get your Groove On - Again! After 3 very successful years on the market the Stevens AeroModel G480 laser cut electric model airplane kit pioneered high performance park flying and defined an entirely new class of electric model. In an effort to continue delivering state of the art products to our customers Stevens AeroModel is pleased to offer this revised V2 airframe (re-groove) with many subtle improvements based upon your valued feedback.  Stevens AeroModel continues to cut our products from the finest hand sorted, hand weighed, select balsa and ply purchased from leading US balsa cutters. Designed and manufactured with pride in the USA. Proudly offered in kit form as the only person more qualified than yourself to build your airframe is you.

    Destined to be a classic, this super sized version G-Ride park flier aerobat flies superbly in tight spaces and retains the feel of a much larger aerobat in a portable / affordable platform. Ultra light build with solid engineering fundamentals produces a durable airframe with superb aerodynamics. Crisp Pattern Flier Solid 3D performance Large airplane look and feel Fits in your trunk!

    "the first step to being a great 3-D pilot is to get a firm grasp of the fundamentals of precision flying... I recommend starting with a design that is not only 3-D capable, but also flies the precision side of aerobatics well.... while some of the pure 3-D models can be an absolute riot for the proficient 3-D pilot they aren't going to teach the pilot as much as a model that blends both precision and 3-D qualities." - Mike McConville 3-D Flyer Magazine July/August 2004

    Text book aerobatics wrapped in a no excuses unlimited/freestyle/3D capable airframe. Featuring a predictable flight envelope, point and go precision tracking, wicked fast snap and spin characteristics ultra slow Knife Edge performance.

    Includes comprehensive DuBro RC hardware package consisting of wheels, push-rods, ez connectors, tail wheel, main gear, wheel retainers, CA hinges, control horns, and more!
    189.00 USD
  • StevensAero - SHAFT (400) Electric RC Airplane, Sport/Parkflyer [SAK-SHAFT400]

    The SHAFT (Super High Performance Aerobatic Flight Trainer)... fills the void between our basic 4 channel "stik" trainers which are designed for positive stability and our higher performance G series models which are designed for unlimited aerobatics.

    Light and efficient airframe... Designing at elevations well over a mile high forces us to create more efficient air vehicles that overcome the atmospheric density challenges of high altitude flight. Through intelligent use of materials and good old fashion engineering we are able to provide a better functioning product.

    Simple Construction... Even the novice can build the SHAFT! Featuring a low part count of 100% precision laser cut balsa and hardwood components. Warp resistant wing construction, Carbon fiber capped flying surfaces, Truss Loc(tm) and tab and notch assembly techniques assist you to build a straight and true airframe that stays true.

    Under-Carriage designed to stay with the plane upon arrival... Our beefy landing gear derived from the SQuiRT will absorb anything the novice pilot can dish out and won't tear out of the fuselage.

    Flies like a bird not a brick... We bet you'll overshoot the runway! the SHAFT's semi-symmetric airfoil and a flying wight over 1/2 pound less than competing models add up to one agile bird that insists on staying aloft.

    Minimize Collateral Damage... The SHAFT's wings easily slip from the fuselage and the landing gear flexes and shifts to avoid unnecessary bench time between those exciting arrivals.

    Take it on the road with you... The SHAFT packs flat and is itching to go with you on your next road trip.

    Kit Includes:  Full Size Rolled Plan Sheet Precision Laser cut AAA balsa and hardwood Pre-Bent Landing Gear Full hardware complement - real premium DuBro hardware. You'll need 1-2 rolls of your favorite colored AeroLITE or AeroFILM product. See "Specifications" tab for radio and power system requirements.
    129.00 USD