Plastic Tubing



  • Push Rod Tube for 1/32in. Music Wire (36 in. length)

    Nylon Push Rod Tube for 1/32 (.032) in. and smaller diameter Music Wire.

    We love this versatile tubing for running push-rods through micro and park flyer sized models. The special nylon housing readily accepts glue and can easily be bonded through or against formers. Use up to 1/32 in. diameter wire for straight push rod runs. For push rod runs that require the housing to slightly bow around an obstruction within the fuselage, we suggest using 0.025 or 0.020 wire for a fluid and bind-free push rod implementation.

    Sold by the piece in lengths of 36 inches.

    Length 36 in., Outside Diameter 0.071 in., Inside Diameter .035 in.

    0.59 USD