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EZ Connectors



  • Du-Bro RC - E-Z Connector (QTY/PKG: 2 ) [DUB121]

    Mini E/Z Connector suitable for .062 to .093 wire or cable (QTY/PKG: 2 )
    Brass construction.
    1.99 USD
    2.99 USD Your Savings 33%
  • Du-Bro RC - Heavy Duty E/Z Connector 4-40 (2/pkg.) [DUB489]

    Heavy Duty E/Z Connector 4-40.

    Key Features:

    re-usable nylon snap-on or permanent steel push-nut
    Fits up to 4-40 rod
    2 per package
    made of steel


    Uses 3/32 allan wrench-not included
    2.99 USD
    3.99 USD Your Savings 25%
  • Du-Bro RC - Mini E/Z Connector (QTY/PKG: 2 ) [DUB845]

    Mini E/Z Connector suitable for .032 to .045 wire (QTY/PKG: 2 )
    Light weight aluminum, only .32grams each!
    3.19 USD
    4.19 USD Your Savings 24%
  • Du-Bro RC - Mini E/Z Connector Value Package (QTY/PKG: 12 ) [DUB915]

    Key Features:

    12 per package
    Suitable for .032 to .045 wire
    Light weight aluminum, only .32grams each


    Ideal for park flyers. Get the same Du-Bro quality only in an itzy bitzy size. Light weight aluminum design allows for up to .045 wire. 2-56 machine screw securely locks wire into place. Press fit our Mini E/Z Connector into a Mini Servo Arm and secure with snap washer
    17.99 USD